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Manhattan, NY - William Colon can sleep late on Saturdays.
Mr. Colon, 53, spends nights in a cardboard box on the sidewalk right outside the executive offices of the huge B&H photography store on Ninth Avenue, which is owned and largely staffed by Jews who close the store on Saturdays to observe the sabbath.
He methodically fastened the box to a sidewalk bicycle rack, using plastic pull-tight strips from a local hardware store. He spread neat plastic covering of clear wrap over the top to make a waterproof roof, on this brown flimsy home next to a dumpster full of demolition trash.
“It’s fine sleeping in there, as long as nobody bothers you” he said.” You’ve heard of camping? It’s like camping.”
Mr. Colon said he grew up in the Bronx in a family that had its problems. His older brother was his role model.
Yes, there are people who kick his box while he sleeps, but there are also ones who help him out, like the guy who bought him a Martha Stewart pillow and quilt set recently.
His clothes were clean and he wore brand new Starbury sneakers and a P.G.A. Tour golf hat. Inside his box, it looked comfortable and orderly, like a bunk in a Pullman car.
“I’ve been living in these things for 15 years” he said. “I get the materials from the hardware store and fix them right up.” He had a blue plastic tarp underneath and a covering of clear plastic on the top to keep out the rain.
“I saw them delivering refrigerators down on 14th Street and just leaving the boxes. If you’re living on the street, that’s a home,” he said. “So I picked up four of them and flattened them out and brought them up here. So I’m set for a while.”

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